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    The Answers to Your Chiropractic Questions

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Most people become big believers in chiropractic care as soon as their first treatment begins. For the uninitiated, however, questions about what to expect are very common. If you’re considering seeing a chiropractor for your pain, but aren’t sure what to expect, take a look at these answers to common questions:

    Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe?

    In a word: yes! Chiropractic treatments have been heavily researched and studied, and have been proven to be not only safe, but effective. All medical treatments carry some degree of risk, but chiropractic care has a track record of safety. In fact, it’s so safe that some people have chiropractors perform adjustments on their newborns. It’s completely normal to feel a little soreness after receiving care, as if you’ve just exercised. Chiropractic treatment moves your muscles in new ways, and just as with exercise, the soreness should subside within 24 hours or so.

    Will My Insurance Pay for Chiropractor Visits?

    Every insurance plan is different, but the vast majority of policies cover chiropractic treatment. The administrator in your chiropractor’s office can help you understand your benefits, including how many visits are covered, necessary referrals, and co-pays.

    What Conditions Can a Chiropractor Treat?

    Most people associate chiropractic care with back and neck pain, and doctors of chiropractic are certainly adept at addressing those issues. However, chiropractic care can do much more than that. Treatment can address pain all over your body, including that caused by injury to muscles, joints, and ligaments. There is also evidence that chiropractic care can be helpful in relieving stress, which can cause physical pain in itself. Chiropractic treatments can also help with chronic headaches and numerous other ailments.

    Discover the benefits of chiropractic care for yourself and schedule an appointment at Peterson Chiropractic. We will get to the root of your pain and help you get rid of it for good. Make an appointment with our NYC chiropractor by calling (646) 291-2681.

    Work It!

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Board-certified NYC chiropractor Dr. Louis Peterson engineers the perfect workspace

    Clocking in at eight hours per day, the average American spends way more waking hours at their workspace than anywhere else. While most cubicles are notoriously dull, even the barest of workstations can be healthy. Thanks to board-certified chiropractor Dr. Louis Peterson’s easy advice, any desk can be made ergonomic in no time.

    “I see countless patients with serious back, neck and shoulder pain and who claim to have no idea where it came from. In most of those cases it’s not some surprising injury, it’s their sitting posture at work that is to blame,” explains Dr. Peterson. “Among the most painful scenarios is when the person uses a laptop and works from home. I’m always surprised to see how little care those in the work-from-home category take in setting up their workspace.”

    Dr. Peterson’s guide to perfect work posture:

    • Sit upright. Dr. Peterson suggests paying special attention to the chair you use, and goes on to say that if possible, invest in a high-backed chair if you will be spending the full day using it.
    • Elbows should be bent at a 90-degree angle with hands reaching comfortably to the keyboard.
    • Position screen at eyelevel. Those who use a laptop should use something – a book or a box will do the trick – to bring the screen right in line with their eyes.
    • Those who use laptops will then have to do something about the keyboard. Dr. Peterson suggests an easy fix, “There are inexpensive keyboards you can plug into a laptop or connect with blue tooth. Get one, stat!”
    • Make sure to keep feet firmly planted on the ground. Crossing legs, even at the ankles, will interfere with the distribution of weight and put unnecessary pressure on the lower back.
    • Finally, be sure to give yourself a break every hour or so. “It’s important to remember that even if your office space has been made ergonomic, it’s never healthy to spend eight hours straight sitting down,” warns Dr. Peterson. “Drinking a lot of water or even setting calendar alerts will help make sure you get up periodically. When you do, make sure to do a few basic stretches to get your blood flowing and keep your muscles active.”

    Taking just a bit of extra care when it comes to setting up a healthy workspace can help prevent back and neck pain and lead to greater productivity. According to Dr. Peterson, “Studies show back pain to be a major cause of missed work and lost productivity while at work, and just about every one of my patients has seen a decrease in back pain after making the small changes I suggest.”

    Not sure if you’re guilty of poor work posture? Have a friend snap a picture of you at work and find out for sure!

    To learn more or to make an appointment with Dr. Peterson, please visit Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow up on twitter (@Chiropractic_NY)!

    Have a (Tennis) Ball and Say Goodbye to Back Pain

    Last updated 1 year ago

    NYC chiropractor Dr. Louis Peterson explains how a tennis ball treats back pain

    If Dr. Louis Peterson had a nickel for every time he heard someone say that they wished they could work out their own muscle kinks, he’d have a lot of nickels. A lot. But, says Dr. Peterson – a board-certified chiropractor with two offices in New York City – instead of wishing for the impossible, just get yourself a standard-issue tennis ball.

    “Using a tennis ball to work out muscle kinks in the back, lower back and gluteal muscles is one of the most helpful secrets I share with my patients,” says Dr. Peterson. “Whether it's a weekend warrior whose trigger points are slowing her down or a new mom whose back feels like it’s breaking under the weight of carrying around her baby, I often prescribe the tennis ball.”

    Dr. Peterson’s Tennis Ball Prescription:

    Step 1: Place the tennis ball on the wall closest to the affected area. Use your body to apply enough pressure to keep the ball against the wall. Settle on an amount of pressure that is effective in working out the muscle bunch but that doesn’t cause pain.

    Step 2: Move your body up and down until you find the area of tight muscles. Once you find a “knot,” move in a side-to-side motion to work it out. It might take a few tries to get it right.

    Step 3: Enjoy at-home back massages! (Without paying a masseur’s fee or begging your partner for a back massage the umpteenth time.)

    Dr. Peterson recommends that patients use this method for two minutes minimum and five minutes maximum up to five times a day.

    To learn more or to make an appointment with Dr. Peterson, please visit Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow up on twitter (@Chiropractic_NY)!

    A Look at the Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Lower back pain is an epidemic in the US; at least 80 percent of adults experience back pain at some point. In about 10 percent of those cases, the pain will linger for longer than three months. In fact, back pain is the second-most common reason people go the doctor and miss work. What is causing all of this back pain, and how can treatments like chiropractic care help? Take a look at some of the most common causes of lower back pain:

    Herniated Discs

    Your spine is made up of a series of vertebrae and discs. The discs are cushion-like substances that separate the individual vertebra bones and stop them from grinding against each other. These important shock-absorbers are prone to slippage and rupture from the wear-and-tear of everyday activity or from sudden injury. When a disc slips, it can put pressure on spinal nerves and cause pain up and down the body, including in the lower back. Chiropractic care can help ease the pain and encourage the disc to heal.

    Spinal Stenosis

    With spinal stenosis, the area around the spine gets narrow, usually because of a bone spur or osteoarthritis. This narrowing squeezes the spinal nerves, causing pain. Treating the underlying osteoarthritis, bone spur removal, and chiropractic adjustment can all help relieve pain.


    Your spine is under constant pressure with every move you make. Over time, the joints and ligaments in your spine begin to deteriorate, especially if you are overweight. When this happens, it is called spondylolisthesis. As your joints and ligaments begin to malfunction, your spine can’t maintain healthy positioning. Your spine may stretch more than it should, causing the vertebrae to hit the nerves and cause pain. Strengthening and spinal realignment is possible through chiropractic care.

    You can’t always avoid back pain, but you can control how you respond to it. Don’t ignore back problems and allow them to become worse. At the first sign of pain, seek chiropractic care and find relief without medication. If your back is aching, call Peterson Chiropractic at (646) 291-2681 and make an appointment.

    See a Chiropractic Adjustment

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you’ve living with back pain, chances are they you’ve considered chiropractic care. Studies have shown that chiropractic care is as effective as pain medication for bad backs. Still, many people shy away from chiropractors because they don’t know what to expect from an adjustment.

    If you’re curious about chiropractic adjustment, but nervous about making an appointment, watch this video. You’ll see a live chiropractic adjustment and get a first-hand perspective of just how easy and comfortable chiropractic treatment is.

    Are you sick of living with back pain? Make an appointment at Peterson Chiropractic and get on the path to a pain-free life. Call our NYC chiropractic office at (646) 291-2681 to get started.

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