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    Added Benefits of Massage Beyond Pain Relief

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Many people know that massage therapy alleviates back pain problems, but fewer are aware of its other advantages. Though massage feels good, its effects resonate far beyond pleasant sensations. Whether or not you suffer from back pain, you may want to consider regular massage therapy sessions for these important reasons:  

    Alleviate Anxiety and Stress

    When you undergo massage therapy, your body releases increased levels of dopamine and serotonin, hormones that stimulate a sense of happiness and wellbeing. At the same time, getting a massage suppresses your body’s production of cortisol, a substance associated with high stress levels. If your personal or professional responsibilities are causing anxiety or stress in your life, consider making an appointment for a massage.

    Bolster Your Immune System

    Cortisol doesn’t just indicate the presence of stress—it may also signify a weakened immune system. Heightened cortisol levels can destroy the body’s natural defenses against infection and illness, which leaves a person vulnerable to illness. Because massage therapy reduces the amount of cortisol in the body, it can also strengthen your immune system.

    Increase Mental Awareness

    Most people associate massage therapy with relaxation and inactivity. However, studies have shown that massage can boost your brainpower. If you feel like you cannot focus on your work or shake feelings of grogginess, try massage therapy to clear and sharpen your mind.

    Reduce Premenstrual Symptoms

    A woman’s oncoming menstrual cycle can elicit a range of unwanted side effects, including moodiness, fatigue, and water retention. However, massage therapy can effectively attend to these problems and diminish their intensity. Should you suffer from debilitating premenstrual symptoms, massage therapy may be the remedy you need.

    Peterson Chiropractic offers diverse massage therapy options that can cater to your individual health needs. To schedule an appointment for a deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, or other massage service, call our New York City facility at (646) 291-2681.

    Know What Chiropractic Care Can Do for You

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Many people seek lasting help for their back pain only to receive temporary relief from its symptoms. This video demonstrates how a chiropractor can identify the root cause of a patient’s back pain to provide permanent treatment.

    The goal of chiropractic care is to address the source of pain. To so do, a chiropractor administers a wide range of diagnostic tests to isolate the factors contributing to an individual’s discomfort. He may also inquire into a patient’s past medical history and current lifestyle habits. Once the reasons behind a person’s pain are identified, a chiropractor can offer the correct treatment.

    Let Peterson Chiropractic free you from your ongoing back pain. To schedule a consultation with a chiropractor at our Manhattan facility, call (646) 291-2681.

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Happy Valentine's Day from Peterson Chiropractic!

    Click Through These Links To See Information About Your Chiropractic Care

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you would like to know more about the healing process of muscles and why medication is an inadequate method of treating back pain, visit the following resources. Peterson Chiropractic can also help answer your questions about musculoskeletal health and effective methods for treating injuries, so call (646) 291-2681 to schedule an appointment.

    To learn about the various ways in which back pain can be treated, visit this page from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

    Visit MedlinePlus to find out which medications are commonly used to manage the pain from a back injury or misalignment.  

    This ABC News article describes the different degrees of muscle strain and what the healing process entails.

    Read this article from the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation to learn about the process muscles undergo when healing from strain.

    Massage therapy can help muscles heal more quickly while reducing injury-related pain. You can learn more in this CBC article.

    Understanding the Healing Process of Injured Muscles

    Last updated 1 year ago

    A damaged muscle can interfere greatly with daily life, reducing a person’s mobility as well as causing extreme pain. Whether muscle strain occurs due to one specific injury or a pattern of overuse over time, the healing process remains the same:

    Regeneration of Cells

    In order for the healing process to begin, an injured muscle must have an adequate supply of blood. If the blood vessels near the area have sustained extreme damage, the muscle will be unable to heal quickly and scar tissue may form. Otherwise, certain cells will travel within the muscle to the damaged area, clumping together into groups that align to form tubes. These tubes will eventually become new muscle fibers, although their strength may be less than that of the original muscle.

    Formation of Scar Tissue

    In a situation where many muscle fibers have been torn, scar tissue will grow to bridge the gap. This tissue is inflexible, serving to prevent additional injury by keeping the muscle contracted. Unfortunately, this phenomenon can last much longer than necessary, leading to chronic pain, decreased mobility, and injury to the opposing muscles.

    Elongation and Alignment of Muscle Fibers

    In order for an injured muscle to completely heal, it must be gently worked to encourage the newly formed fibers to run parallel to one another, rather than at various angles, and to lengthen any scar tissue that has developed so that full range of motion may be restored. Massage therapy is therefore highly beneficial for injured muscles, as it works them passively while reducing pain.

    Peterson Chiropractic is devoted to helping you heal from muscular injury or back pain through massage therapy and chiropractic manipulations. With two convenient locations in NYC, we make it easy for you to receive the treatment you need. Call (646) 291-2681 today to schedule an appointment, or visit us on the Web to peruse our services.

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